Bath Bomb - Healing.  (Aloe for Psoriasis & Excema)

Bath Bomb - Healing. (Aloe for Psoriasis & Excema)

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It can be hard to find natural relief for Psoriasis and Excema. Soaking in the ingredients of our Healing Bath Bomb can help. Follow up with Self Care Salve on breakout areas for continuing relief and healing.

Dead Sea Salt sourced from the Dead Sea is rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium which helps relieve itchiness and redness. We also include Epsom Salts to encourage skin rejuvenation.

Oatmeal can reduce inflammation and may prevent the skin from releasing chemicals that promote inflammation.

Amber is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it also promotes wound healing and aromatically can relax and calm.

Aloe heals, draws out impurities, hydrates, conditions and re-mineralizes the skin. It reduces itching and lightens blemishes.

Add the benefits of cannabis which include anti-inflammatory properties, skin renewal and of course pain management.

We also include:
Olive Oil & Almond Oil.